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We also present our products and innovations of the engineering of center grinding machines, angle heads, high-speed spindles, spindles and tips at our regular trade fair participations. Here you cam find all current dates for trade fairs and online meetings. We regularly publish insights into our products and their functions on our Henninger Youtube Channel.

If you have any questions about our products or about custom solutions, technologies or innovations about Centre Grinding Machines, Angle Heads, Spindle Speeders, Spindles or Center contact us or one of our international representatives.

Henninger Belt Driven Spindle runout
09 02 2021
The Henninger Belt Driven Spindle With Precise Runout

The Henninger Belt Driven Spindle With Precise Runout   special solution manufacturing & custom adaption of the Henninger tools & machines enable highest flexibility for any application a highest & most precise runout: typical for the impeccable manufacturing quality of...

The benefits of center grinding
03 06 2020
The benefits of center grinding

What are the benefits of centre grinding?   Centre grinding is mostly applied after hardening the workpiece. Yet it can also be used for unhardened workpieces. Hence it comes before the cylindrical grinding and/or gear grinding process. Despite any occurring...

Henninger Spindle Speeder 834
14 05 2020
Milling with Ceramics? New High-Performance with the Spindle Speeder!

  The latest all-ceramic tools promise maximum cutting speeds due to their high thermal stability. This is especially interesting for non-ferrous metals, such as AI-alloys (vc ≤ 3600 m/min) or Inconel (vc ≤ 600 m/min). However, these promising cutting data...

ZS 202 Henninger
28 04 2020
The Center Grinding Machine ZS 202 that can clamp an egg

The Henninger ZS 202   The ZS 202 with a handling system that can even clamp an egg!

16 03 2020
Longevity & Sustainability at the company Henninger

Longevity & Sustainability at the company Henninger   Longevity and sustainability play big role at the company Henninger. The machines and tools are providing high-precision quality – even after having been in use for many decades. In addition, many other...

center grinding machine
28 11 2019
Our new Center Grinding Machine

Our new Center Grinding Machine that is particularly suitable for machining smaller components   Our new Center Grinding Machine ZS ONE has a full range of advantages: compact, high-precision & simplified design simple & fast handling of loading station table-top...

Spindle Speeder 832 Henninger ANCA
28 11 2019
Henninger Spindle Speeder 832

Henninger Spindle Speeder 832 in ANCA Grinding Tool Machines   The Henninger Spindle Speeder 832 has reached new peaks in the industry. (View the technical details here). There are many applications for the new Spindle Speeder. Especially also where tools...