Longevity & Sustainability at the company Henninger

Longevity & Sustainability at the company Henninger


Longevity and sustainability play big role at the company Henninger. The machines and tools are providing high-precision quality – even after having been in use for many decades. In addition, many other approaches reflect the thriving for longevity. More than 20 years ago the family business started to take decisions to invest into sustainability.

Heat Pump & Industrial Waste Heat of the Compressors

The first implementation began in 2003. The industrial waste heat of the the compressors was redirected to be used as floor heating. Yet, already in the 1990s, former director Helmut Henninger installed a heat pump in the basement in order to heat the service water. Up to this day the heat pump, by now modernized, and the industrial waste heat for floor heating are still in use.

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Solar Energy

A photovaltaic roof system was installed in 2006. Solar cells are spread on an area over 1800m2 on the roof of the company. They generate an average of 100.000 kW per year. This represents a saving of over 1500 t CO2 since the solar cells have been in operation – compared to a conventional coal-fired power plant. Another comparison: 150 hectares of mixed forest absorb approximately 1500 t CO2 per year.

In 2007 the company made the adjustment from oil heating to heat pumps. Latter are being used to air-condition or to heat the building. There has not been any oil heating anymore inside the entire building ever since. Furthermore, a high number of ceiling fans ensure in the colder seasons that the heat is being pushed downwards. In the warmer seasons the ceiling fans ensure a continuous air circulation.

Building Automation

In the 2000s the building automation was expanded to include an automatic adjustment of the external shutters. They react according to the time of the day and the weather. Being closed during nights, they help to keep the heat in the house in the cold seasons. In the summertime they keep the warmth out. The roof-lights regulate themselves in a same way to ventilate the indoors.

The combination of these measures has reduced the power consumption by approximately 25.000 kW per year. This saves almost 30 t of CO2 emissions per year.

Furthermore investments were made by purchasing an electric car to be added to the Henninger vehicle fleet. From 2020 on, employees will have the possibility to purchase business-bicyles.

Henninger Machines & Tools for sustainable projects & products

Henninger appreciates greatly to have customers that are committed to sustainability. Hence a variety of Henninger Centre Grinding Machines are being used for the production of transmission shafts for wind power plants in Belgium, China and India. Several manufacturers of electric cars are also relying on Henninger quality when it comes to perfection.

Moreover, Centre Grinding Machines and Spindles are sustainable due to their efficiently energy-saving designs. They dispose of a low power consumption and are regulated by the frequency-converter technology.

Thus longevity and sustainability reflect the corporate philosophy, no matter whether it concerns the company building, the design or production, the employees or the emerging generation. The family business appreciates the choice and existence of possibilities to interact positive with the environment and to save energy in a sensible way. The Southern German family business is steadily striving to find matching new solutions for internal affairs as well as client-oriented matters.

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