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Center Grinding with Henninger ZS

we create precision


We create precision, sustainability & custom solutions. Thus we have made a mark with innovative product developments in the international engineering industry since 1956. In brief Henninger stands for a reliable and 100% made-in-Germany quality with a long tradition.

Our products include Centre Grinding Machines, Angle Heads, Spindle Speeders, Spindles & Centres. All of our Machines & Tools are developed, designed & manufactured at our company in Straubenhardt. Latter is a small town next to Karlsruhe & Stuttgart in Southern Germany.

We are proud of our great team of 30 dedicated & highly skilled employees. Hence we have been keeping the promise to our customers of being a pioneer in terms of quality, flexibility & service.

For instance, in 2017 we once again demonstrated our technological leadership. We successfully developed a clamping system for our Centre Grinding Machines in order to clamp extremely thin-walled workpieces.

Altogether Henninger has been gaining truly valuable experience for over half a century.




Henninger thinks cross-generational & acts in a sustainable way in economic, ecological & social terms. Since only high-qualitative & durable products enable a long-term application, an impeccable quality is of great importance.

Moreover we also welcome eco-friendly possibilities in the everyday life. As a result, our factory building has a solar panel surfaced roof. Also it is managed mostly by a home automation system. Even electric vehicles are in our car pool. Additionally sustainability also means to provide our employees with a stable & secure job. Likewise we also offer training places for young people.

Everyone has the chance & the right to education! Hence we are happy to support the association world‘‘s education for kids e.V. A NPO that focuses on the construction & maintenance of schools in developing and emerging countries.


Custom Solutions


We enjoy focusing on client-oriented & custom-made products.  This enables us to offer the product that is the most productive, efficient & reliable for each situation.

Many wonderful collaborations have notably given us the chance to design more than 600 variations of Angle Heads & 400 variations of Spindles. Thus we have gathered an abundance of experience when it comes to finding special solutions.

Do you only have a rough idea of what you are looking for? Or do you already know exactly what you want? We are looking forward to creating the perfect high-end product for you!


Precision Sustainability Custom Solutions