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Custom Solutions for Angle Heads, Spindle Speeders, Spindles, Centres & Centre Grinding Machines


An outstanding feature for Henninger is the ability to realise all types of special solutions for customers in the area of angle heads, spindle speeders, spindles, centres and centre grinding machines.

We offer you over 60 years of experience and knowledge in areas of precision and machine developments. Our engineers and designers specialise in new and innovative challenges and finding solutions to them.

Some of the special solutions are so much in demand that they become part of our standard product range. Furthermore, each standard model can also be adapted and extended according to the customer request.

Henninger has already developed more than 400 special solutions in the area of spindles, as well as more than 600 different angle head models. These are successfully in use worldwide through our international distribution network.

Precision Made in Germany


The Henninger company offers personal customer service internationally. The team spirit of the experienced and excellently trained employees strives for innovative developments and thrives for mechanical engineering in all aspects. Furthermore, we maintain a regular exchange with the University of Applied Sciences in Karlsruhe.

The high-precision workpieces and products are developed and manufactured on site in Henninger’s modern machine park.

Our products are regularly presented at international trade fairs. We look forward to advising you!

Henninger Spindeleinheit Sonderfertigung 890
Henninger Riemenspindeln & Spindeleinheiten Spindeln
Henninger Riemenspindeln & Spindeleinheiten Spindeln
Henninger Spindle Unit 890
Winkelkopf Sonderlösung 889
Henninger Winkelkopf Serien schwenkbar 882
Sonderloesung Winkelkopf 880

In which industries are the Henninger special solutions used?


Our special solutions (angle heads, spindle speeders, spindles, centres and centre grinders) find applications in the agricultural industry, automotive industry, construction industry, printing industry, electronics industry, research, aerospace, mechanical engineering, medical technology, jewellery manufacture, textile industry, transport industry and toolmaking.

The special solutions are particularly in demand when conventional or standard products cannot fulfill the wished tasks.