Henninger Spitze Serien

The Henninger centres series cover a very wide range of products. Series 300 – 373, for example, consist of live centres, face drivers and centre cones. High-precision centres for lathes and grinding machines allow workpiece weights of up to 30 tonnes thanks to the robust designs. Centres from MK 1 to MK 6 as well as metric cones 80/100/120 are available. Furthermore, the Henninger centres have a long service life and concentricity accuracies of 0.001 mm.


More information about the Henninger centres series 300 – 380 here.

Henninger Spitze Serien

The dead centres DIN 806 with draw-off thread, carbide inserts and withdrawal nuts are suitable for grinding, measuring and testing workpieces with high concentricity and angular accuracy. As a result, these properties enable optimal results in the respective applications. These centres are used to hold workpieces on lathes, grinding machines and other production machines.


More information about the Henninger centre series 410 – 422 here.

Use and applications of the Henninger Centres


The Henninger centres are used for turning and grinding. They are also used for measuring and testing turned and ground parts. The roundness, or coaxiality, between centres is measured.

As the Henninger centres are particularly precise, robust and durable, they are mainly used in the toolmaking, by tool manufacturers, mechanical engineering and metrology, where accuracy and reliability are important.

made with precision and manually tested


All our products are designed and manufactured by us. Before the Henninger centres leave the factory, they are thoroughly tested for speed, concentricity and heat generation to ensure perfect functioning at the end customer.

The customer also receives a suitable test report with all data. With regular maintenance, our centres are in use for more than 20 years.

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We are happy to offer you test machinings with your workpieces. You can also rely on our contract manufacturing service.

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