highest precision from 0,001 mm on / high load capacity up to 30 t / Made in Germany
Henninger Spitze Stirnmitnehmer 309

Live Centres, Centre Cones, Face Drivers, Chuck Flanges


These Henninger centres impress with the highest precision (concentricity from 1 µm) on the one hand, and, on the other hand, allow workpiece weights of up to 30 t. They are available in all common sizes of tool tapers. The live centres serve as a precise counter-bearing for the workpiece in lathes and grinding machines. Live centre cones enable the precise holding of pipes and shafts with frontal bores. Face drivers allow complete overwinding of shafts etc. without reclamping.

For workpieces without a centring hole we offer the live chuck flanges. They allow a second chuck to be mounted in the tailstock of a lathe.

We also offer special solutions for all centre series to your wishes and specifications.

Technical Data Face Drivers with Mechanical Compensation 300 – 303

shank MT1 / 2 / 32 / 3 / 4 / 52 / 3 / 4 / 54 / 5 / 6
turning range Ø3 - 2012 - 4022 - 6535 - 105
cylindrical holder mm12353535
centre point d1871522
driving pin pitch circle d2613,52438
driving pin outside circle D1019,53250
driving pin d346812
housing front d424395477
housing rear d544405578
housing length L64,5628097
workpiece weight max. kg25506580
spring pressure centre point10 - 120100 - 350180 - 500200 - 600


Henninger Face Drivers 300 - 312

Technical Data Face Drivers with Hydraulic Compensation 309 – 312

type309 NC310 NC311 NC312 NC
shank MT4 / 5 / 6
rotation range standard value from Ø6082105140
rotation range standard value to Ø160200250320
driving pin pitch circle Ø D16082107142
driving pin outside circle Ø D278100125160
driving pin quantity pieces4668
driving pin Ø D318181818
hydraulic body Ø D495118140175
hydraulic body length L84848484
centre point Ø D520303030
workpiece weight max. kg120240280320

Technical Data Live Centres 340

shaft MT2345
workpiece weight max. kg2004007501500
speed max. min-19000750055003900
total length L133,5157,5200,5260,5
shaft length L16481102,5129,5
tip length A637090122
tip diameter D48586878


Live Centre 340

Technical data Live centres 350

shaft MT344S55S66S
radial load N14.40018.00018.00012.00034.40034.40050.000
axial load max. N13.00012.50012.50020.00027.00027.000140.000
speed max. min-14000320032002000180018001400
total length L168207230257304,6358,6414
shaft length L181102,5102,5129,5129,5182182
housing Ø D58,573 86 86116116 146
housing length B / b130 / 2638 / 2940 / 4040 / 4064 / 5164 / 5186 / 67
tip Ø D224283838484870
housing length A263141,541,553,853,870,6

Dimension for copy point – Live Centre 350

shaft MT344S55S66S
tip Ø dK22243434424260
tip length aK323549,549,558,558,580
total length LK174204,5232265,5309,5363,3423

Live Centre

Dimension for carbide tip – Live Centres 350

shaft MT344S55S66S
carbide Ø h111418181818
pressure compensation from to kg68 - 100083 - 1100126 - 2670126 - 2670250 - 4070250 - 40701280 - 16.500

Technical data Live Centres in 60° – 360

shaft MT344S55S66S
radial load N14.40018.00018.00012.00034.40034.40050.000
axial load N13.00012.50012.50020.00027.00027.000140.000
speed max. min-14000320032002000180018001400
total length L150186197224259313354
shaft length L281102,5102,5129,5129,5182182
housing Ø D58,5738686116116146
housing length B26294040515167
runout in µ10101010101010
cone Ø d154688080106106136
cone Ø d220253030424250
cone length A38484848727297


Live Centre 360

Technical data Live Centre Cones in 60° 363

shaft MT2345
radial load N3200400040008000
axial load max. N300100010003500
speed max. min-19000750020003900
total length L1110,5134,5189246,5
shaft length L26481102,5129,5
cone Ø D5979119169
cone Ø d20303550
cone length A4049,577,8108
runout accuracy µ5555

Henninger Live Centre Cone 363

Technical Data Live Centre Cones in 75° 373

shaft MT3456
radial load N4000560080009600
axial load max. N1000220035005000
speed max. min-17500550039002850
total length L1133172222,5304,5
shaft length L281102,5129,5182
cone Ø D179119169196
cone Ø D230355050
cone length A456184110
runout accuracy µ55510


Henninger Live Centre Cones 373

Technical Data Live Chuck Flanges 380

shaft MT2344S55S66S
radial load N70031004600500012.00034.40034.40050.000
axial load N280035004200730020.00027.00027.000140.000
speed max. min-1450040003000 2000 2000180018001400
chuck = flange Ø d1100125160200200250250315
centring edge Ø d27095125160160200200260
flange length B11218,51623,523,5222237
housing length B22326294040 51 5167
centring edge length B32,533,53,53,5444,5
chuck mounting length L105,5132155,5174201214,5268,5282
shaft length L26481102,5102,5129,5129,5182182
housing Ø D48,558,5 738686 116116146
runout µ0,040,050,050,070,070,070,070,1
pressure compensation from to kg22 - 67568 - 100083 - 1100126 - 2670126 - 2670250 - 4070250 - 40701280-16.500


Henninger Live Chuck Flanges

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