Henninger Spindle Speeders & Speed Increasers

Our maintenance-free spindle speeders, speed increasers and transmission spindles have been used successfully for years.

You can increase the speed of your existing machine to up to 50,000 min/1 rpm with the Henninger Spindle Speeders! This significantly extends the service life of your tools. The machining time for the workpieces is significantly reduced.

Different ratios from 1: 3 up to 1: 8, depending on the size of the spindle, enable many different possible applications:

  • HSC milling

  • Engravings

  • Grinding work

  • Work on smallest holes Ø 0,1 mm

  • Deep-hole drilling

Furthermore the ratio brings another positive side effect. The main machine spindle can be operated with significantly lower speed hence the life of the main spindle increases. The high-speed spindles can be changed automatically & manually.

Henninger Spindle Speeders & Speed Increasers

Spindle Speeder 815

rpm up to 10.000 min/1

Spindle Speeder 825

power up to 18 kW

Henninger Schnelllaufspindel 832 HSKA63 HAV
Spindle Speeder 832

rpm up to 50.000 min/1

Henninger Schnelllaufspindel 834 SK50 HAV.38102
Spindle Speeder 834

high rigidity


Spindle Speeder costum solutions

The custom solutions of the Henninger Spindle Speeder & Speed Increasers offer many options, amongst also:

  • Drive
  • Input
  • General machine interfacing
  • Coolant supply
  • and many more

Henninger made in Germany