continuously adjustable / automatic tool change / automatic C-axis

The Adjustable Henninger Angle Head


The adjustable Henninger angle head provides another axis to produce angled milling, drilling and threading at a certain angle. The high rigidity of the angular heads allows extreme loads during roughing and very good surfaces during finishing.

The B and C axis can be done manually and also automatically.

Different length versions make it possible to reach positions that are not possible with the normal milling machine. Multiple clampings are also reduced. This results in shorter machine running times and an increase in workpiece accuracy.

Technical data of the adjustable Angle Head: 882s series

Antriebskegelmodular alle gängigen Antriebskegelmodular alle gängigen AntriebskegelKegel oder FlanschKegel oder Flansch*
SpannbereichØ 1 - 13
DIN 6499
Ø 1 - 16
DIN 6499
Ø 3 - 30
DIN 6499
Drehzahl min-1 20 % ED5000500050004500*
Drehzahl min-1 80 % ED3000400040003600*
Drehzahl min-1 100 % ED2400320032002880*
Übersetzung1 : 11 : 11 : 11 : 1*
Leistung max. kW10162641*
Drehmoment max. Nm26,64790200*
Drehrichtungrechts / linksrechts / linksrechts / linksrechts / linksrechts / links
Antrieb 360° drehbar360°360°360°360°360°
Abtrieb W2 x 90° ±90° schwenkbar2 x 90° ±90° schwenkbar2 x 90° ±90° schwenkbar2 x 90° ±90° schwenkbar2 x 90° ±90° schwenkbar


* after technical clarification



Henninger Adjustable Angle Head


Dimensions in mm


B80 99124154*
65 / 80 / 110
65 / 80 / 110


* after technical clarification

DF: duty factor / h
TB: torque bar
ATC: stop- & arrester attachment

For which applications are the Adjustable Henninger Angle Heads used by our customers?


Typical applications for the adjustable angle heads are grooving, drilling and threading at a specific angle. With the manual or automatic B-axis, a contour can be generated for shapes in car body construction (wing, mudguard), model construction and for abstract shapes.

The B-axis replaces a missing machine axis and brings time and accuracy advantages through less workpiece clamping and better dimensional accuracy.

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