High speed up to 80.000 rpm / Power up to 12,5 kW / Made in Germany

The Henninger Motor Spindles & Mounting Spindles


The Henninger motor spindles and mounting spindles all have their own drive and are thus completely independent of the respective machine spindles ini use. The attachment spindles are equipped with all common tool holders and interfaces if required. They are therefore suitable for all machine tools.

In order to achieve the required cutting data, e.g. when line-cutting moulds, the high speeds of the motor spindles are needed. Modern cutting materials require high speeds and feeds. Conventional machine tools usually cannot achieve the speed. The Henninger spindles are used here.

The high speeds enable economical machining, especially in mould making. The water cooling ensures a long service life of the spindles and thus a high dimensional accuracy during machining.

The mounting spindles can be adapted and/or designed according to customer requirements. Numerous Henninger spindles are successfully in use worldwide as special solutions.

Technical data of the Henninger Mounting Spindles of the 940 series

speed max. min-130.000 / 60.00020.000 / 30.00020.000 / 30.00016.000 / 30.00016.00012.800
power max. kW0,25 / 0,50,50,50,3 / 1,0up to 4,7up to 11
holdercolletcolletcollet / HSK / arborcollet / HSK / arborcollet / HSK / arborcollet / HSK / arbor
dimensionsØ 54 x 210Ø 58 x 147Ø 60 x 147Ø 72 x 265Ø 80 x 330Ø 100 x 320
supplyplug / cableplug / cableplug / cableplug / cableplug / cableplug / cable
optionsA, SA, SA, SA, S, D, WA, S, D, WA, S, D, W
configurationround / squareround / squareround / squareround / squareround / squareround / square



A: AE sensor, S: standstill control, D: rotary encoders, W: water coolant

Technical data of the Henninger Motor Spindles of the 960 – 965 series

type960 / 101960 / 200960 / 300960 / 352960 / 423965 / 400965 / 402
speed max. min-180.00060.00036.00030.00025.00025.00025.000
nominal power kW
with 100% ED
max. nominal power kW
with 60% ED
motor voltage V230230230400400350350
clamping range ØØ 1 - 5Ø 1 - 7Ø 1 - 13Ø 1 - 16Ø 2 - 30HSK 40 EHSK 40 E
colletsDIN 6499DIN 6499DIN 6499DIN 6499DIN 6499DIN 69893-5DIN 69893-5
input shankall common shanksall common shanksall common shanksall common shanksall common shanksall common shanksall common shanks
power connection230 V / 50 Hz230 V / 50 Hz230 V / 50 Hz3 x 400 V / 50 Hz3 x 400 V / 50 Hz3 x 400 V / 50 Hz3 x 400 V / 50 Hz



Henninger motor spindles vs air speeders

For which typical applications are the motor spindles & mounting spindles used by our customers?


Henninger motor spindles and mounting spindles are primarily used to increase the productivity of existing machine tools. They are used to line off moulds, mill electrodes, produce micro and fine bores, grind, tool grind and deburr. In addition, they are used in the Henninger centre grinding machines.

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