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The Henninger Belt driven Spindles & Spindle Units


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    Sämtliche Sonderlösungen möglich je nach Kundenwunsch

  • Prüfstände

    Die 890er Serie eignet sich als Spindel für Prüfstände

  • Hauptspindel

    Verwendung als Hauptspindel für Maschinen

  • Riemenbetrieben

    Alle Henninger Spindeleinheiten sind riemenbetrieben

An outstanding feature for Henninger is the ability to design and construct all kinds of custom wishes when it comes to spindles. This is particularly the case with the belt spindles and spindle units. With over 400 different models, new models are added every year for our customers.

Starting with drilling spindles in PCB construction, through milling spindles in special machine construction to heavy spindles for test benches, this series covers the entire range of requirements for modern spindle units.

The tool holders range from simple collets to fully automatic tool changing systems, which are monitored by the machine control system via sensors.

Henninger Spindeleinheit Sonderfertigung 890
Henninger Riemenspindeln & Spindeleinheiten Spindeln
Henninger Riemenspindeln & Spindeleinheiten Spindeln
Henninger Spindle Unit 890

For which applications are the Henninger Belt driven Spindles & Spindle Units used by our customers?


The belt driven spindles and spindle units are mainly used in special machine construction, for special solutions. They are suitable for drilling, milling, deburring, spindling, grinding and even heavy machining. Furthermore Henninger Belt driven Spindles are used on test benches.

What requirements does your spindle need?


We will be happy to advise you on the design of your spindle unit. In order to advise you in the best possible way, we ideally need the following information:

  • Housing shape (e.g. round, angular, flanged)
  • Tool holder (e.g. grinding cone, HSK)
  • automatic tightener yes / no
  • Power / speed / torque
  • Coolant yes / no (central or lateral)
  • Drive: Interface to the machine (e.g. clutch, belt)
  • Desired sensor technology (e.g. position detection, rotary encoder)
  • Sealing (e.g. labyrinth, sealing air)

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Henninger Riemenspindeln & Spindeleinheiten Spindeln