Workpieces up to 3 m & 1 t / with many options / accurate to 0,001 mm / designed & made in Germany
Henninger Centre Grinding Machine 1000

Centre grinding machines of the ZS 1000 series


The Henninger centre grinding machines of the ZS 1000 series process workpieces up to 3086 mm and up to 1000 kg. The moving vice allows a freely selectable clamping position. The grinding head can be moved in a vertical direction. The X and Y correction of the micrometer adjustment allows a deliberate shift of the centre. The tailstock can be positioned in three positions.

The grinding process can take place with the stationary or rotating workpiece. The aim, as with all centre grinding machines, is to achieve a round centre of the highest quality. The workpieces are machined vertically in the ZS 1000 series.

The centre grinding machines of the ZS 1000 series are being operated manually and offer plenty options, as e.g.:

  • a freely swivelling grinding head to simplify the handling of extra long workpieces
  • swivelling centre for run-out measurement and its correction in the machine
  • workpiece drive
  • pneumatic quick lift-up for quick positioning of the grinding head
  • dust extraction

Technical data of the Henninger centre grinding machines of the ZS 1000 series

Workpiece: centre diameter

Ø 2 – 148 (188) mm

Machine: clamping diameter

10 – 250 mm / 30 – 275 mm

Workpiece: length

max. 3086 mm

Drehzahl Henninger
Machine: speed

5.000 – 30.000 min-1 / 15.000 – 60.000 min-1

Workpiece: weight

max. 1000 kg


with many options

Henninger centre grinding machines of the ZS 100 series

What is the benefit of centre grinding?


What has the ZS 1000 series to offer?


Centre grinding with the ZS 1000 series brings high precision to the entire machining process. The perfected centre hole achieves roundness up to 1 µm and below.

Like all other Henninger products, the ZS 1000 centre grinders are characterised by a long service life. Henninger centre grinding machines, which came onto the market in 1960, are still in use today.

Our Henninger engineering team developed the ZS 1000 series especially because of requests from the aircraft industryto machine exceptionally large, heavy and unhandy workpieces with maximum precision. Moreover enquiries from large gear manufacturers also grew, such as for the production of transmission shafts for wind turbines and propellersin the shipping industry. We are constantly developing our machines and adapting them to the requests of our customers.

How do the ZS 1000 series centre grinders work?


The deformed centring holes are reworked after the hardening process. The workpiece is placed on the tailstock and clamped with the vice. The grinding head moves planetary and thus grinds the centre.

With pre-ground workpieces, the workpiece can be rotated in the vice with the stationary spindle. This makes the centre aligned with the axis of rotation.

After machining the roundness in the centre corresponds to the roundness of the workpiece. This method provides a high precision run-out.

For which applications are centre grinders of the ZS 1000 series used by our customers?


Typical workpieces for the ZS 1000 series are ball screws, shafts, nozzles, machine spindles, large gears, screw drives, broaches where high accuracy is required.

Henninger Center Grinding Machine ZS 1000

We offer test machinings for your workpieces


Are you not sure whether centre grinding is profitable for your workpieces? Are you curious about the extent to which the Henninger precision technology increases the quality and efficiency of your production?

Visit us on site in our test centre so that we can present our centre grinding machine series to you. We will be happy to discuss your complete range of parts and demonstrate centre grinding on your workpieces.

Alternatively, you can also send us your workpiece. We will be happy to carry out a test machining of the centre grinding on our demonstration model. You can be connected live to observethe grinding process in our test centre. Afterwards, we will send your workpiece back to you for inspection.

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You are not sure whether you want to use this machine long-term? How about a 1-year leasing option or a hire purchase, for example? We offer flexible purchase options depending on your needs. No matter if it is a standard model or special design: Henninger produces all centre grinding machines in Straubenhardt near Karlsruhe in Southern Germany.

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