Center Grinding with Henninger ZS

On demand and in highest precision


  • parts ready to mount in smallest tolerances & highest quality demands
  • check of quality: e.g. measure, roundness, runout, surface roughness, hardness, balancing, …
  • powerful CNC-manufacturing
  • design, manufacturing and/or assembly in costumers preference

Centre Grinding as wage service

“Need is there, but …”

We take the decision from you and offer you center grinding as a service!
You need the ground center at short notice? Call us! We can machine these workpiece dimensions:

  • length up to 2.000 mm
  • clamping diameter up to 275 mm
  • centre diameter up to 120 mm
  • workpiece weight up to 1.000 kg
  • Lot size after arrangement

We use our own machines in our production. We are happy to advise you on the technology and strategy for center grinding!

Our Machining Park


max. Ø 500 mm, max. length 1500 mm

  • Mazak SQT 200MY
  • Mazak Integrex 300-II Y
  • Mazak Integrex j 200
  • Mazak Integrex j 300


  • DMG
  • Hermle

Centre Grinding
max. centre Ø 125 mm, max. length: 2.000mm, max. clamping-Ø 275 mm, max. workpiece weight 1.000 kg

  • Henninger Centre Grinding Machine ZS 201/1200
  • Klein Centre Lapping Machine ZSS I/1000

Surface Grinding
max. length 1000 mm, max. width 500 mm

  • Okamoto

Internal Grinding
max. inner Ø 200 mm

  • Voumard 150 CNC
  • Kellenberger 1000 U
  • Kellenberger Kel-Varia UR175/1000

External Grinding
max. outer Ø 350 mm

  • Kellenberger RS175 x 1000 CNC
  • Kellenberger 1000 U
  • Schaudt


Measuring Park


  • 3D coordinate measuring machine (Wenzel)
  • Tesa dimension measurement
  • Balancing 10 kg 450 mm length (Schenk)
  • Taylor Hobson roundness measuring
  • all conventional measuring methods